The Pro Series is a result of over 35 years in research and development, channelled into making it possible:

The best sounding, best quality & best value pro level drums available.

Utilising the Sleishman patented free-floating tuning system, no other drum comes close in tone and tune-ability, as no other drum works the same. The all new Pro Series truly sound ‘Pre Eq’d’ and really are too easy to work with in any musical situation, room or volume.

Our revolutionary patented suspension system truly brings drum shells to life. It completely separates Sleishman drums from any others available. A system that eliminates all bolted lug fittings from the shell. This allows the drum to work to its full potential giving you maximum sustain, fullness of tone and unrivalled response at any volume.

The innovative Australian drum company. Founded in 1971 by Don Sleishman… Inventor/Professional Drummer.

Don invented the modern free floating drum…
Also… we were the first twin pedal on the market.
Utilising first rate materials, Sleishman Custom drums are hand built to size and finish. If you have a sound and a look in mind, we’ll be able to accomodate it .