Sleishman System and shell

Sleishman Pro Series.

The Pro Series par Jack Bennett

35 years in the making.

The new Sleishman Pro Series is a result of 35 years in research and development into making one thing possible: providing drummers with the best sounding & best value professional drums available anywhere in the world today.

The Australo-european Drum.

Although the origins of Sleishman are Australian, every Sleishman Pro Series kit sold in Europe is individually hand assembled, checked and certified by Sleishman Europe in Cannes, France.

Choose your weapons.

The Sleishman Pro Series is available in off-the-shelf kit configurations of 6 pc Studio, 5 pc Rock or Fusion or 4 pc Bop.

Sleishman Pro series demo

Sleishman Pro Series 4pc Bop Kit

12 x 10 Hanging Tom
14 x 12 Floor Tom
18 x 14 Bass
14 x 5.5 Snare

Sleishman Pro Series 5pc Fusion Kit

10 x 8, 12 x 10 Hanging Toms
14 x 12 Floor Tom
20 x 16 Bass
14 x 5.5 Snare

Sleishman Pro Series 5pc Rock Kit

12 x 10 Hanging Tom
14 x 12, 16 x 14 Floor Toms
22 x 18 Bass
14 x 6.5 Snare

Sleishman Pro Series 6pc Studio Kit

10 x 8, 12 x 10 Hanging Toms
14 x 12, 16 x 14 Floor Toms
22 x 18 Bass
14 x 6.5 Snare

Colours and hardware of Sleishman Pro Series kits

Looking sharp.

All Sleishman Pro Series drums are hand finished, using only the highest quality stains, paints and lacquer. Choose from: Clear Gloss, Walnut Stain, Burgundy, Matte Black or Ebony Veneer. For your hardware choose from either silver paint, Classic Chrome or matte black finish option..

Good wood.

Absolutely no corners are cut in creating superb quality ply shells for every Pro Series kit. Only the very best A grade US maple is used to craft each shell to exacting standards.

Toms – 5 Ply shell, 4ply focus ring.
Floor toms – 6 ply shell, 4 ply focus ring.
Bass – 7 ply shell, 4 ply tension ring.
Snares – 10 ply shell.

Walnut Stain

PDF Walnut Stain Sleishman Pro Series

Natural Gloss

PDF Natural Gloss Sleishman Pro Series

Matte Black

PDF Matte Black Sleishman Pro Series


PDF Burgundy Sleishman Pro Series

Ebony veneer

 PDF Ebony Veneer Sleishman Pro Series


Remo heads fitted as standard on every Sleishman Pro Series kit


Batter – Emperor (Clear or Coated)
Resonant – Ambassador (Clear)

Bass Drums:

Batter – Powerstroke 3 (Clear)
Resonant – Powerstroke 3 (Black or White)


Batter – Control Sound C.S. Dot (Coated)
Snare Side – Ambassador Hazy

Want to know prices or more?

We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us through the contact page and drop us a line.

Sleishman Drums heads

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